BUILDING Muscle mass!

„Be driven by the white hot desire to stand alone as the world’s strongest human being!“ (Alex Pürzel)

Muscular growth and hypertrophy are of considerable interest to athletes and coaches wishing to increase their muscularity or the muscularity of their athletes. Muscle mass is also important from a human health standpoint because it plays a significant role in locomotion, force production and glucose disposal. But of course, in sport it is mainly the performance that counts, which also requires an optimum of muscle size. The visual aspect is a very welcome side effect and in sports like bodybuilding, muscle mass and proportions are crucial to whether you win or lose. But many do not know how to achieve this goal in the best possible way! No wonder, because there are many myths and half-truths surrounding muscle growth. Do you want to know how to distinguish evidence-based facts from „bro science? At this conference you will learn everything about muscle building, proper strength training, training planning, nutrition and much more. Hypertrophy will be analysed from all sides. You will gain a deep insight into training theory and thus the necessary understanding to apply training plans in a goal-oriented way.

Questions to be asked in this context are:

  •  What makes muscles grow?
  •  Which exercises are right for hypertrophy?
  •  Load or repetition?
  •  Training until failure?
  •  Magnitude and composition of the energy surplus for maximizing muscle hypertrophy?
  •  How much protein can the body use in a single meal?
  •  How to implement hypertrophy in team sports?
  •  How to plan hypertrophy training?


This Ticket includes:

  • Conference Ticket (Day 2 and 3)
  • Lunch, Coffee and Snacks included
  • Inventation to the networking event (SA)
  • Access to the conference presentation slides
  • Access to the preperation phase recording
  • BONUS: Access to the Follow-Up-Webinar (Q&A about the practical application)
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