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Speed is a Skill!

Learn how to Coach it!

Speed is more than Fast-Twitch muscle fibers and strength, its a skill!

A crucial skill of course! Being faster over 5, 10, 20 or 100 meters often makes the difference between winning or losing!

While this is a well known fact many coaches still don‘t dare to coach and train this aspect. Why is that?

Maybe some of the following statements are familiar to you:

 „it takes too long to develop“

 „its dangerous to train“

 „it comes with strength anyway“

 „can‘t be coached“

They are of course: WRONG!

PROJECTION, REACTIVITY and SWITCHING are key factors when it comes to speed training! These principles come with terms like high RFD, low DRF, thigh angular velocity, Drive Index, ... if you dig into sprint biomechanics you will figure out, that there is a lot to learn! 

Our speaker Joe Page (Speedworks UK) is leading you through the fundamental mechanics of sprinting. You will learn what attributes a good sprint technique has and what strategies you can use for analysing your athletes.

Don‘t hesitate any longer, just get your ticket. Its a free course!


(UTC +2)

10:00-11:30 AM | Sprint Mechanics, Fundamentals and Developing the Coaches Eye

11:30-12:00 AM | Q&A with Joe Page


This is why you should attend this course:

  •   Learn what good sprint mechanics are 
  •  Dig into objective parameters you can measure to support your exercise selection
  •  Figure out strategies to analyse running patterns
  •  Benefit from Joe`s experience, ask questions and connect to other coaches and our network
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130 Freie Plätze
Buchbar bis Sa. 1. Juni 2024, 21:59
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