How Individuals Become a Team?

In team sports, you can only be successful if you have a team where individuals blindly understand and trust each other. Without a functioning team structure, even excellent individualists cannot shine. But how do you make a unit out of different characters?

To get to the bottom of this question, this session will talk about the tactical and social factors involved in getting teams to be more than the sum of their parts.

Therefore the following points will be addressed in this online talk:

  • Product potential and product losses
  • Shared Mental Models, including weighting scales, contextual priors and cultural architects
  • Feedback systems - developing players towards your model
  • Model design - including players in the model process

In this FREE ONLINETALK our expert Dave Collins will lead you through the actual research on Squad Building.

He is a leading expert in this field, who combines the knowledge of a scientist and a very long experience as a psychologist (worked with over 80 World or Olympic medallists plus professional teams and performers, including over 10 years with the Chelsea FC Academy)!

Don’t miss this opportunity, you can even ask questions at the end of this LIVE webinar.

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Presentation slides
Presentation slides