Return To Competition Conference




Vienna, 10.09-11.09.2023

The concept of returning to competition (RTC) for a professional athlete is still under debate in today’s professional sports environment. It is critical for the professional athlete to be able to return to competition at a highly competitive level but also to return in a safe and timely measure. With no “gold standard” of sport testing, it is difficult to determine what the right progression or testing regimen should be.

There are many factors that contribute to an athlete’s readiness to RTC, including muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, psychological readiness and many more. Monitoring progress in these domains allows practitioners to make more informed training decisions and increase the probability that the athlete is able to RTC at a high level of performance. Technological advancements have made it possible for medical, rehabilitation, and performance departments to easily collect information that can be used to improve athlete care and development as they prepare for RTC. However, interpreting the value and application of the collected information can remain an ongoing struggle.

Therefore, this conference will take a closer look at the return to competition process and present solutions that can be implemented in any sport. You will get best practice insights and the latest state science in the RTC continuum from our experts from Liverpool’s work at the Premier League, Rehab specialist from the German Bundesliga, Sports Scientist who is known for his termography work with top teams and more to come.

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