Talking about speed!

Speed is a crucial part of nearly any kind of sports, because either way you need to move fast and this is where sprinting helps you!

Whether sprinting is the needed movement anyway (like in track and field or team sports) or it is a useful exercise to improve speed on a neuromuscular level.

This is why even in Golf sprinting is an important part of the training! Improving the neuromuscular performance in general helps to swing faster, which facilitates hitting the ball harder and that subsequently allows to cover greater distances. This can then significantly lower handicaps!

Therefore, sprinting is a multifunctional movement which needs to be developed! 

While this is an already well known fact, many coaches still don‘t dare to coach and train this aspect. 

Our first 1st Speed Conference will split up into four speed related topics:

  • Hamstring injury prevention in sprinting (Johan Lahti)
  • Speed basics - how to coach max speed and acceleration (Alan Murdoch)
  • Gamespeed - how to transfer straight forward sprinting into a multidirectional movement (Alan Murdoch)
  • Speed development in various age and performance groups (Nicole Rodriguez)

Our speakers are internationally well-known experts, who have worked with professional athletes for years.

Our conferences are different than OTHERS

  •  Yes, we only have 3-8 speakers!
  •  No, speakers are not switching every hour!

And that’s exactly why our conferences are awesome!

Our speakers are able to dig deep into their topic. Not only scratching on the surface and leaving you with more questions than you had before!

A great mix of theoretical and practical content brings you as a coach, sports scientist or physiotherapist the most value!

All of our events are recorded and can be reviewed by you anytime afterwards.

And we don’t stop here! A few weeks after the conference you can attend an additional videochat, where you can discuss your progress and ask questions!

We really want you to use your gained insights in practice.

You will be able to try things, speak to our experts and extend your network by meeting other sports enthusiasts.

Don’t miss this opportunity, get your ticket now!

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